Do You Have Any of These?

A History of Snoring: A lot of people snore, and the fact is that not every snorer has sleep apnea. Some people only snore once in a while, like after they've had a few beers or a glass of wine or two. That's not exactly abnormal. But most people who have sleep apnea do snore. So it tends to be a marker of the condition. There are a few things that can distinguish normal snoring from pathological snoring: The intensity, loudness and frequency of it. If you snore once in a while then it probably is not a sign of a health issue. But if you snore loudly every night then the likelihood of it being sleep apnea is much greater. Some doctors call the snoring associated with sleep apnea "destructive snoring" because of its ear-rattling noisiness.


"I've had patients whose kids are on a different floor of the house and they can still hear them snoring," Dr. Malhotra said. "I've had patients whose neighbors will complain about their snoring from the next building."


Get it Checked

The most important thing you can do if you suspect you have sleep apnea is see an expert. Explain your symptoms to your primary care doctor or talk to a sleep medicine specialist. Your doctor will likely schedule you for a sleep test, which can be done at home or in a lab.